xtpxlib-common is xtpxlib's communal component. Most other components in xtpxlib are dependent on it. If you start using xtpxlib, you'll also use it a lot yourself.

1.1 Contents

xtpxlib-common consists of the following parts (by subdirectory):

Directory Contents
data XML data files. See XML Data Files
doc Sources for the generation of the component's documentation. Internal use only.
docs GitHub pages site for this component.
etc Auxiliary files, mainly for use in the oXygen IDE.
template Template files. These files contain XSLT, XQuery, XProc, etc. files with the main structure and headers filled in. Contain macros for use in the oXygen IDE.
To install/use these files in oXygen, open its preferences dialogue (Options > Preferences…) and add the xtpxlib-common/template subdirectory to its Document templates section.
xplmod General purpose XProc (1.0) modules. See XProc 1.0 Libraries.
xqmod General purpose XQuery modules. This is a partial translation of the XSLT module's functionality (especially from href.mod.xsl) into XQuery.
xsd Schemas for some of the document types used in Xatapult XML Library. See XML Schemas.
xsl Some general purpose XSLT stylesheets. See XSLT Stylesheets.
xslmod General purpose XSLT modules. See XSLT Modules.

1.2 Parameter handling in xtpxlib-common

Parameters, as referred to here, are name/value pairs meant for customizing software's behavior. Things like prompts, URIs, etc. The xtpxlib-common component's parameters have the following characteristics: